September 26, 2007

D.O.C. meeting minutes 9/25

Poetry Slam is scheduled for Tuesday, 10/9
Publicity crew is getting together for that - watch for emails from Joniece and Rosemary
Breast Cancer Walk participation on Sunday, 10/14 - sign up via Joniece and we'll be walking with DOC-Stonehill signs as a team!
Our budget was approved - thanks Candinho!! We'll need to submit our budget again in November, so everyone get together and come up with programs!
Topic for next week: The Jena 6 and how it has/can impact us


Huge kudos to the group for bringing in the numbers! Check out the Diversity On Campus group ('07-'08) with new members joining, I'm quite sure. We'll have some of the members blog about the meetings and discussion topics.

Aren't they so nice looking -- that's why YOU should join!

September 22, 2007

Global Diversity and Responsibility

Consistent with my own philosophy that we need to gain intercultural competence so that we can become global citizens, here is a very powerful music video that Sarah McLachlan put together. Definitely check it out.

September 18, 2007

First Week!

Welcome to the first blog for the Intercultural Affairs Office! You can check out all of the latest events and activities that are sponsored by our office as well as get some helpful information on the latest buzz about Intercultural Competency!

Pretty soon, you'll see some of the leaders of the student groups posting about their events - so stay tuned!

As you may know, we are celebrating Latino Heritage Month! Be sure to check the events page for all the programs being offered!