July 19, 2011


Diversity Task Force
July 19, 2011
·      Review last meeting’s agenda and conversation
·      Report of new information since last meeting
·      Assign subcommittees
·      Distribute meeting schedules for fall 2011
·      Distribute Diversity: The Untold Stories and reading materials to help inform work
·      Questions and discussions

Curriculum and Academic Programs (Craig Almeida, Anne Mattina)
~      increasing diversity-related academic programs
~      expanding the number of diversity-related courses
~      increasing the number of students studying abroad in developing countries
~      identifying faculty member in each department to be contact person for diversity task force and/or diversity initiatives in academics – what the process looks like for this, what their roles are, how this would be implemented
~      increase the graduation rates of ethnically and racially diverse students – academic advising, identifying retention issues
~      research best practices for identifying, implementing and supporting diversity related academic programs, including but not limited to ones identified in the Strategic Plan (African American studies, Asian studies, Latino studies, etc)
~      research existing programs and/or best practices for engaging students from underrepresented backgrounds in academically competitive programs, awards, grants, etc.
Student Life (Liza Talusan, Brendan Sullivan, Michelle Tineo ’12)
~      Promote an environment and co-curriculum that encourages learning through the discussion of diverse viewpoints and that serves as a safe place for diversity
~      Examine leadership programs, identify diversity outcomes, implementation and assessment
~      Research best practices at other colleges where diversity is a foundation for student life
~      Increasing students from underrepresented backgrounds in existing leadership programs and opportunities
~      Developing a culturally competent leadership program and opportunities for students
~      Promote a foundation committed to diversity, inclusion and equity in student life

Admissions and Enrollment (Dan Monahan and Eileen O’Leary)
~      Research cost impacts
~      Identify and present national best practices of recruiting students of color; best practices at Catholic colleges
~      Identify feasibility of implementing select best practices strategies at Stonehill
~      Identify “pipeline programs” that would assist in getting students to apply to Stonehill; cost analysis of participating in these programs
~      Research and identify what it means to have students of color enroll – what are they looking for, where are our accepted students going, to the best of our knowledge  - why are they not choosing Stonehill; how do we improve this?

Recruitment and Retention of Diverse Workforce (MaryAnn Perry)
~      Identify key areas of improvement for recruitment of diverse candidates
~      Future study of number of diverse candidates in pipeline, applications, interviews, yield
~      Increase the number of employees from ethnically and racially diverse backgrounds
~      Examining and implementing strategies from AACU’s publication
~      Recommend institutional change in identifying, attracting and hiring professionals from diverse backgrounds (departmental process, staff process, etc)

Assessment (Laura Uerling and Steve Beauregard)
~      Researching, exploring, implementing ways to audit cultural climate
~      Present data informed by best practices strategies