October 4, 2007

"What if there isn't anything to talk about?"
At one of the Diversity on Campus meetings last week, I proposed that a member of the group bring in a headline or topic about "campus diversity" to the meeting. One of the students said, "But, what if there isn't anything going on?" My response was, "There is always something going on."

The topic for last week was on Jena 6. On CNN.com, there was an article about a student in Louisiana who decided to make a video that made fun of the Jena 6. She, of course, received quite the backlash (she decided to post it on her facebook account -- nice one). Here was her response: "This is so not me," she said in the Wednesday article. "It wasn't that we were making fun of the Jena 6 incident. We were just fed up with it ... I have just as many black [friends] as I do white friends."

How many of you are tired of people defending their prejudice/racist actions and attitudes by saying "I have Black/Asian/Latino/Gay friends, so I can't be racist/sexist"? Funny how people think that excuse makes them "less" accountable.
Member posting:
Thanks to Nicole A. who brought this article to our attention. Interesting one on race and pop culture from New Demographic (www.newdemographic.com)

I tried my best to get it onto the blog in a full form, but really could not do it justice. Just follow the link and check out the articles. It's really fascinating, and the author takes a very honest, real approach to race issues that relate to us in our own pop culture. Seriously, log on and read!