August 15, 2011


Diversity Taskforce Meeting Minutes
Tuesday August 9, 2011
10 am

Liza Talusan, Michelle Tineo, Craig Almeida, Steve Beauregard, Dan Monahan, Brendan Sullivan, Laura Uerling

1. Identifying the Taskforce Sub-Committees
2. Assign Sub-Committees
3. Graduation Rates and Pell Graduation Rates Updates

ALANA Retention study- Craig, Laura, Dick Grant, Todd, Someone from IA, New hire?

  • Identify reasons why ALANA students leave.
  • Recommendations for what the institution can do to better retain these students.
  • Revision of exit interview and survey process.
Craig would like to pull out the exit interviews from the past years in addition to seeing their academic record. He is also interested in seeing the effect of the Academic Community Experience (ACE) Program.

Recruitment- Dan, Brendan, Eileen, and Steve
Each counselor will share the responsibility of traveling to diverse high schools and community based organizations. Draft proposal for a Multicultural Counselor position to focus on recruitment but also with retention. This model will give the counselor the opportunity to engage with the students during their second year. There are also conversations of directly admitting students to the ACE program where the admission to the college will be contingent on the successful completion of the ACE program.

Student Programming and Leadership- Liza, Brendan
Programming for student athletes surrounding different aspects of identity.

Senate Focus Group- Michelle
Michelle will serve as the Chair of one of the focus group to identify what the needs of the students are in a statistical format as opposed to an anecdotal manner.

Employee Diversity and Hiring- Maryann and Liza
This subcommittee will work to identify resources and sites where departments can post employment opportunities to candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Financial Committee- Eileen and Steve
What are the financial implications of the changes and initiatives we want to start as a committee.

Diversity in the Curriculum: Anne

Co-Curricular: Office of Intercultural Affairs

Update on Diversity Faculty Training
Will be held on Academic Development Day. Katie shared some ideas regarding including internal department review that will assess their commitment to Diversity. During the ADD departments will be responsible for creating an assessment review for their individual departments that would be reviewed in a 3-year cycle.
Things to do:
  • Add Diversity Task Force to Blog (Liza)
  • Reach out to Fr. Mark to determine who will introduce the committee and its charge to the Stonehill community. (Liza)

Next meeting:
The next meeting will be Thursday September 15th 9:30-11:00 am. By this meeting everyone should meet with their sub-committees and be ready to share their progress with the rest of the committee.