The Office of Intercultural Affairs is staffed by four professionals who care deeply about inclusion, diversity, respect, and human dignity. It is from this belief that we work, share, and learn together.

Liza A. Talusan, Director
Ms. Talusan has served as the Director for five years and has helped usher in institutional and structural change for diversity and inclusion at Stonehill. Her strengths include creating sustainable dialogue programs that allow for others to serve as both teachers and students, and she believes in change through empowerment.She blogs as a woman, Asian American, professional, educator, mother, wife, and believer in personal change.

Jacqueline Guzman, Assistant Director
Ms. Guzman has served as the Assistant Director for a year and works closely with student leaders, clubs and organizations. She is passionate about the empowerment of women through shared dialogue and experience, and she writes from her lens as a Christian, Salvadorean, woman, new professional, daughter, and believer in spiritual connection.

Randall Phyall, Coordinator
Mr. Phyall is the bridge builder in the office as he holds positions in both Residence Life and Intercultural Affairs. He is a man, an athlete, a son, a teacher and educator, a believer in personal connection and shared leadership, and always there with a thoughtful smile. He is passionate about meaningful dialogue and connections, and he is often found surrounded by others in deep conversation.

Janice McGovern, Office Manager
Mrs. McGovern is the seasoned professional in our office as she brings the most breadth and depth of Stonehill experience. She is best described as the calming contributor, the one to whom everyone feels connected to the minute they walk into the office. She is a mother, wife, singer, painter, and grandmother-to-be who cares deeply about connecting with students and helping them feel a sense of belonging.

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