October 23, 2008

Race... in America... and at Stonehill

While I certainly hemmed and hawed about how much I should write on today's blog about Race.. in America.. and at Stonehill, I thought that there were some great links that I could just post. Those who get it - will get it. Those who don't - won't. Let's leave it at those two groups.

Which group do you REALLY fall into? If I were to ask another person, would they put you in the SAME group you just put yourself into? Or, would they say you actually knew a lot LESS or a lot MORE?

Here are some great provocative videos going around. I love this first one (though, I don't refer to myself as "yellow". Go girl!).

Oh SNAP! Okay, this next one is brilliant. While some of you will watch this next one and say that this is an obviously anti-McCain commentary (which, yes, it is) in this next video, I encourage you to focus on the message of "othering" and "that one". So, get off the "this is anti-McCain" for a hot second, and focus on the message being given about the "othering of America".

Are there ways in which we "other" people in our college? How do we and should we react to the "othering" of our fellow students and colleagues? Who decides who is an "other"? Should we always serve the majority, or are we here to serve all?