November 14, 2008

Intercultural Resource Center!

The Intercultural Resource Center

As some of you may have heard, the new Intercultural Resource Center is up and running!

Why is this important at Stonehill? Stonehill has been in need for an intercultural center for some time now. Until the IRC opened up, Stonehill didn’t have any place where students would have access to information and material dealing with Intercultural Affairs. With this new center open, students now have another valuable resource available to them, and one that is easily accessible.

Where is it located? It is located on the first floor of the Roche Dining Commons (near the mailboxes) and will be staffed by work study students from 10am-4pm every day. The center is a place where anyone who is interested in learning more about different cultures and issues such as race, gender, socio-economic diversity, etc, can come and find some resources.

What can I do there? Students can do a variety of things at the intercultural center. Right now we are in the process of moving stuff in, but once that is complete there will be many books and videos all available for student use. From watching a video on “George Lopez and the New American Dream” to maybe taking out a book on a culture that you’ve been curious about, The Intercultural Resource Center is a place that is here to serve you, the student. We are also in the process of ordering some books and interesting material, so be on the lookout for that!

For Faculty, there are a number of books on diversity of teaching and ways to include underrepresented groups into your curriculum.

Who are YOU? My name is Antonio Lebron. I am a freshman from the Bronx, NY, and I am majoring in psychology. At Stonehill I am involved in DOC (Diversity on Campus), the Martial Arts Club and the Swim Club. During the day when I’m not in class or attempting to stay afloat at the Y, I am one of the people who will be staffing the Intercultural Resource Center. So far, not many people have stopped by. However, we hope to change this in the future and turn the office into a place where everyone feels welcome to come and see what’s going on!

When can I visit?
The Center is open every day from 10am-4pm, but we are hosting a big Open House, too! Come by on Monday, December 8th from 10am-1pm, and we’ll have some good food (not that you’d only go for the food, right?).

Hopefully we’ll see you there!

- Antonio '12