February 16, 2011


Each month, we highlight some of the reflective posts of our work study students. Unedited, they blog about observations, experiences and thoughts about diversity in their lives as seen through their lenses.

On Facebook there is a fan page that I follow entitled “Mixed and Happy: I support Mixed-Race Families!” This page has been a safe haven for those who embrace the concept of interracial relationships, families and adoptions. The page allows its members to engage in discussions on race and of course people have the opportunity to post pictures of their very own “mixed and happy” families. A couple of days ago, however, the page was virtually attacked by another fan page called “I Don’t Support Mixed Marriages.” I literally felt sick to my stomach reading some of these bigoted comments on how this group was using the Bible to justify that interracial relationships were a form of blasphemy. I kept telling myself that this has to be a joke. Do people really think like this? I can’t believe people actually had the audacity to post something like this! And who knows how many other hate groups exits on Facebook. 

Some of the most obnoxious comments posted include the following:  

“Best group on the web, we are not meant to mix.”

“Multiculturalism is the death of all nations, tribes and boundaries. It's rabid socialism at it's finest.”

“Black women, if you date/marry a "white" man, you are selling yourself short. It would be better for you to be single and work than to marry a traitor who will not build up you or your community.”
“go kick rocks with a group who accepts half-breeds”

1.      Half-breeds?!!! I know she is not talking about bi-racial people! She better be referencing those designer hybrid dogs. 

2.      Speaking of rocks, since this group likes to reference the Bible I have a little passage I would like them to read as well. Chapter 8 of John’s gospel in the New Testament talks about a woman who has been caught in the act of adultery and has been condemned to be stoned. When some of the town’s people go to Jesus for an approval to proceed with the woman’s punishment the Lord remains silent until he finally replies “Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her” (John 8: 7).  The point I am trying to make with this Bible passage is who are we as humans to judge others and how they choose to live their lives. Only God can judge us!

I couldn’t believe what I was reading. But the most painful thing I read were the continuous comments that made the argument that mixed race children did not even have the right to live, implied they were disgusting and disease ridden and how dare their parents even think of allowing them to enter into this world. 

As a biracial individual, I felt hurt reading these remarks. This is the way God made me and I know my life has a purpose! How dare they say that my parents, from being in an interracial relationship, have doomed my existence? If anything they have taught me to be accepting and tolerant of others. But most importantly I was taught to not let comments from these types of groups to break me down.  I am NOT tainted. I am NOT a fetish. I am NOT vermin. 

A person cannot help who they are attracted to or who they may fall in love with. 

Love is love. 

The last time I checked, the Bible (which the hate group freely quotes) was promoting acceptance not bigotry. For example our Lord proclaimed “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7).

These people are proclaiming that it is their right as an American due to the First Amendment among other things to publicly express their opinion. You know, life is ironic. What makes me laugh is the fact that these people are so wrapped up in their own nonsense that they have failed to remember that the man ensuring that those rights are protected is our BIRACIAL president.