September 21, 2011


Diversity Task Force Meeting
September 15, 2011
9:30 am - 11:30 am
 A. We reviewed the Preliminary Report to the Strategic Planning Committee on the Campus Cultural Audit that was prepared by Dr. Anne F. Mattina on January 29, 2002
  • ·         After reviewing the report, Jean Hamler will be contacted to review what questions are being asked in current surveys and based on her response the committee will decide whether we can used the remaining questions in future surveys.
  • ·         For the next meeting the committee will thoroughly read through the narrative and determine whether we could send the same survey today. This will then provide comparative information to be used by the committee to determine what progress has been made, if any.
  • ·         Another alternative is for the committee to use the questions in an open discussion format such as in focus groups.
B. We reviewed the Beyond the Diversity Crisis Model : Decentralized Diversity Planning and Implementation
By Damon A. Williams
  • ·         The committee reviewed The Diversity Planning Process on page 28 and engaged in a conversation about where in the process Stonehill College stands. This model served as a discussion starter about what steps the committee has to take in order to move forward with the charge it has been assigned.
·         C. Action Items
  • The committee decided that before action steps are designed, it is important for the committee to create a definition for what diversity means at Stonehill.
D. Human Resources and Diversity Hiring
  • ·         The Department of Human Resources has started searching additional sites and organizations where faculty and staff positions can be posted.
  • ·         Human Resources will be working with Academic Departments to create a list of additional websites, conferences and other avenues where we can post job announcements.
E. Sustainable Management and Measurement Institute (SUMMIT)   
  • Sustainable Management and Measurement Institute (SUMMIT). SUMMIT provides an innovative approach to corporate social responsibility.  The outcomes of this collaboration will be the development of strategies, focus groups, and surveys.
    F. Agenda for the next meeting:
    • 1.       Review Strategic Plan in depth
    • 2.       Identify top 3-5 goals for the committee