October 2, 2011


SEPTEMBER 28, 2011

meeting began at 9:32am
  1. New England HERC Diversity Conference and General Assembly
    1. Wednesday, October 26, 8:30am-5:30pm at Harvard University Faculty Club (20 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA)
    2. Free one day conference that is available to Stonehill because of our HERC membership. Please contact Maryann Perry if you are interested in attending.

  1. Count of ALANA students and international student discrepancy
    1. conversation about the use of IPEDS, how IPEDS are defined, the official count of students is sometimes different from our internal numbers; that is fine as long as we are being transparent that we are including non-IPED categories in our internal discussion numbers

  1. Strategic Plan thorough review
    1. Highlights
    2. Challenges
    3. Areas that you identify needing revision
    4. Defining our top level goals
  2. The intent during the meeting was to thoroughly review the Strategic Plan with these questions in mind (what are the highlights, challenges, etc?), however the Task Force was concerned that we still are not sure what "diversity" definition we are using. Though the first item on the Strategic Plan was to "develop a shared definition of diversity", there was consensus around the table that, perhaps, we still have not done that. The desire to was have a more thorough definition that specifies HOW diversity is beneficial and to what purpose. Liza shared that the committee that wrote the Strategic Plan had many conversations about whether or not to prescriptively define diversity. There are areas in the plan that do address specific characteristics (i.e. "race" in the enrollment initiatives to "incrementally increase"). Craig suggested we individually come up with our own definitions of what we believe should be included as well as to what purpose. Those assignments are due to Liza on Monday. The information will be gathered and distributed by Tuesday so that the Task Force can work with their subcommittees in the discussion. 
  3. Meeting ended at 11:02am.

Liza Talusan
Maryann Perry
Laura Uerling
Steve Beaureguard
Anne Mattina (left early to teach class)
Craig Almeida
Brendan Sullivan
Michelle Tineo '12
Jacqueline Guzman (note taking)
Eileen O'Leary
Doreen DelMonaco (will be on Task Force while Eileen is out)