October 12, 2011


Anyone who has ever had a conversation with me knows about the love I have for my family. I come from a large family,  where my maternal grandmother had ten children who live in Connecticut, Texas, Canada, and  in their homeland, El Salvador. When I accepted my current position at Stonehill, I accepted the fact that I would move to a different state away from the larger bunch of my family in CT. 

My first semester here I struggled with the idea of being away from them. Being alone was a new feeling, completely different from living in a 3 family house with cousins running up and down  from apartment to apartment and family gatherings every weekend. The silence and emptiness in my apartment was too much at times and I found myself making the 3 hour drive to CT on the weekends. In the end the drive was always worth it because I had the opportunity to spend time with my Godson and nephew, cook with my mother, and go to church with my entire family, among other things. As I enjoyed the company of my family this weekend I realized how blessed I am to have an amazing family. More importantly I recognized how blessed I am to have found a second family here at Stonehill.

As I enter my second year here I can identify individuals who truly care for me, who collectively have become my second family. I have been blessed to be surrounded by individuals who encompass the true meaning of family. Individuals who serve as a Foundation to keep you  grounded, individuals who Appreciate, Motivate, Inspire, Love, and simply accept You for who you are. This past week I was constantly reminded of how these individuals have an impact on me. At times I am sure that they do not recognize how a simple hello, smile, or conversation can turn my day around. For these moments I will be forever grateful and it is my only hope that I can return the gift of family they have given me.